Why a Body Kit?

Why a Body Kit?

Introducing our cutting-edge drone, designed by aerospace industry experts, meticulously crated with high-quality materials. As a U.S.-based company, we prioritize excellence.

Every drone bears the proud label '3D PRINTED IN SAN DIEGO CA.' as a mark of authenticity. It's a testament to our commitment to locally crafted high quality products.

Elevate your flights to new heights, exploring expansive landscapes with unmatched clarity and a dynamic range that transforms your drone adventures into unforgettable memories.




CNC parts made in North America. Our tight manufacturing tolerances ensure quality, robust design and smooth assembly. The premium aluminum metal showcases a flawless CNC machine finish, while the carbon fiber components dazzle with aesthetics and a splinter-free experience.



Equipped with dynamic RGB LEDs, it transforms into a vibrant spectacle of light and color, perfect for adrenaline-pumping night races under the cover of darkness. As the motors spin faster, the LED's intensify their glow, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Customize the colors to stand out and elevate your night racing experience.



Our drone features 3D printed parts fabricated in-house using flexible and robust TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. The use of 3D printing allows us to create unique designs that protect the drone while enhancing performance. We take pride in our precise 3D prints, using Prusas to ensure top-notch quality



Intentionally designed to be slightly heavier, our thoughtfully designed drone strikes a harmonious balance, allowing you to execute hard turns with ease and precision. This unique approach provides you with the perfect blend of excitement and maneuverability. To achieve the ideal power, we designed our drone to be equipped with a 5-cell battery, unlocking its full potential without compromising on flight time. You can enjoy the thrill of the skies for a solid 3-6 minutes, the same duration as most normal racing drones



A true tank in the skies, our drone is designed to be - Enzo proof - a concept inspired by the thrill of flying fearless. As the creator, Enzo himself, I was determined to craft a durable and reliable drone that eliminates the need for constant repairs. The intent behind this masterpiece is to provide you with a trustworthy companion, allowing you to fly without ever having to pull out a tool on the field. A key distinction that sets us apart is our focus on protecting the electronics. Unlike many other drones with exposed electronics, ours remain shielded, reducing the risk of foreign debris and potential damage to wires and components. Additionally, the smart design spaces out the components, further safeguarding them from potential harm.



We've designed the maintenance process to be a breeze. Meet the "popping the hood" feature – a seamless way to access the drone's electronics without the need for tools or removing screws. With a simple pop, the canopy opens up, giving you easy access to the electronics, allowing you to perform fixes, inspections, or modifications effortlessly. This innovative approach to maintenance ensures you spend less time tinkering and more time enjoying the thrill of flight



We understand that efficient airflow is essential, especially for a heavy tank like ours. Every aspect of the drone's aerodynamics has been considered. From the sleek lines that reduce drag to the strategic placement of components. We've incorporated two ducts that ensure a smooth flow of air, effectively cooling the electronics without compromising on speed or agility.



Opt for either analog or HD video transmitter/camera systems. Our innovative VTX mount is designed to accommodate almost any video transmitter except for the Original DJI Air Unit. Simply insert your preferred transmitter and secure it with the included zip ties. The drone can also mount most camera sizes. With the included nano adapter, users of nano cameras can effortlessly mount them onto the drone. The drone also offers the flexibility to adjust to any camera angle, allowing for adjustments of up to 45 degrees. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners who prefer a low camera angle and enthusiasts who enjoy flying with a higher camera angle.For enthusiasts seeking low latency, analog video transmitters are a popular choice. However, those who opt for the DJI O3 HD system will appreciate its advantages in night racing. With the ability to see more clearly at night, the DJI O3 system enhances the overall night flying experience, allowing for smoother flights and precise control.


INSTA 360 GO 1/2/3

Elevate your racing experience with our drone's Insta 360 GO compatibility, designed to capture every exhilarating moment of your races. While our drone doesn't include the Insta 360 GO, we've provided a hidden spot in the head of the drone where you can nest it effortlessly.As you take to the skies for heart-pounding races, the camera lens seamlessly pops out of the ducts, waiting to document every twist, turn, and daring maneuver. By simply popping the hood, you can securely fit the Insta 360 GO, ensuring you never miss a beat of your adrenaline-fueled flights.

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