The Founder

The Founder

Lorenzo Santilli

In the world of drones, there are countless models available, each with its own unique features and design. One particular drone that stands out from the rest is Lorenzo's creation. But what exactly makes Lorenzo design this drone? Let's dive into the fascinating story behind its creation.

The Vision

Every great product starts with a vision, and Enzo drone is no exception. Lorenzo, an Aerospace Engineer from Georgia Tech, an Engineer at General Atomics and Drone Enthusiast, wanted to develop a drone that would revolutionize the industry. His vision was to create a drone that combined cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and most important unparalleled user experience.

It all started when Lorenzo went flying with his friends and realized all 5 of his drones did not work. Lorenzo spent a few hours fixing his drones while the rest of his friends were flying. He was frustrated that he was fixing more than flying especially since he loved to crash his drones. This was happening constantly and it was taking away from the fun. Lorenzo had been busy starting his career and did not have a lot of time or patience for fixing all his drones. He then decided to get rid of all his drones and design one that was durable and would never let him down. A drone he can bring anywhere with out bringing a bag of tools along with him. The ENZO DRONE was inspired by the concept of the Tiny Trainer by Five33, the DRL Racer, and the PRIG by PROJECT 399. These drones are tanks for their class and typically reliable. A 5 inch racing tank did not exist and Lorenzo decided to pursue that concept.

Extensive Research and Development

Lorenzo's journey began with extensive research and development. He spent countless hours studying existing drone models, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.  Lorenzo spent over 1 year designing this drone with multiple tests and trials. He even purchased a CNC Mill to begin testing different designs where he cut his own carbon fiber in his garage. He went through different 3D printers and brands to discover which printer printed TPU the best. He experimented with different materials, in fact a 3D printed flexible resin cover once existed for the ENZO DRONE. Every part on the drone was redesigned, prototyped and tested at least 15 times until an optimal design was chosen.   By understanding the market and consumer needs, Lorenzo was able to identify the key areas where his drone could excel.

Innovative Design

One of the standout features of the Enzo drone is its innovative design. Lorenzo wanted to create a drone that not only performed exceptionally but also looked sleek and stylish. Inspired by fashion and cars, he designed a visually striking and aerodynamically efficient design that would turn heads. 

Precision Engineering

Behind the sleek exterior lies the result of meticulous engineering. Lorenzo paid great attention to detail, ensuring that every component of the drone was optimized for maximum performance. From the powerful motors to the robust flight controller system and esc, every aspect of the drone was carefully chosen to deliver an unparalleled flying experience. Working at General Atomics taught Lorenzo how to manufacture High Quality Aerospace assemblies and different ways to build real military drones. At one point Lorenzo built an entire Predator, installing every component while working as an intern at General Atomics. After that, he went working on the front lines 3D printing parts for the Predator even introducing the concept of TPU to the company. Lorenzo applied his knowledge and experience into this little ENZO DRONE, he did not want to sacrifice quality in this design. That explains why the drone is a bit pricey but a lot of the parts go through extensive labor to be made. 

Advanced Features

Enzo drone is packed with advanced features that set it apart from the competition. the 3D printed canopy that covers the wires from being exposed. The popping hood feature for easy maintenance. Ducts for cooling the electronics from overheating. It also incorporates state-of-the-art technology such as a high-resolution camera for first person view racing, the DJI 03. These features not only enhance the drone's performance but also provide users with a range of creative possibilities.

User-Focused Experience

Throughout the design process, Lorenzo prioritized the user experience. He wanted his drone to be accessible to both beginners and experienced pilots. As a result, he developed instructions that will help the user through the learning process.


Lorenzo's passion for drones and his dedication to creating an exceptional product have culminated in the design of this remarkable drone. With its innovative design, precision engineering, advanced features, and user-focused experience, Enzo drone is truly a game-changer in the industry. 

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